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Sep. 28th, 2006 | 02:22 pm
mood: gloomy gloomy

the blood ran down my legs after i put the razor to it. not to shave my legs, but to expose the feelings that beat within me like my heart does. i slide the razor down my leg letting the blood splash out. the blood looks so real, so great, so wonderful, so damn real. its not what you did, she did or he did. its me, its my feelings, my life. i wouldnt give you that much power to think you had me under your control. i am a beautiful woman with or without these scars that are on my body. my body just encases my heart, my realness, my brain, my love, my life. you are nothing but a useless sack of bones. 
once the blood dries, i lay down and just fade away into the mattress. im no longer there. im free, im alive, im beautiful.